List of Lecturers teaching at the Summer School 2010 PDF Print

Silas Beane (New Hampshire)
Effective field theories

Augusto Ceccucci (CERN)
Overview of Kaon Physics

Sacha Davidson (Lyon)
Lepton flavour physics

Antonio Ereditato (Bern)
Neutrino experiments

Uli Haisch (Mainz)
Flavour physics beyond the standard model

Pilar Hernandez (Valencia)
Introduction to lattice QCD

Tobias Hurth (CERN, Mainz)
Flavour physics in the standard model

Thomas Mannel (Siegen)
Effective theories for heavy quarks

Alan Schwartz (Cincinnati)
Recent results in B physics

Sheldon Stone (Syracuse)
LHCb physics

Hartmut Wittig (Mainz)
Recent lattice results

The school will have the following structure: four hours of lectures in the morning and four hours of tutored exercises in the afternoons.